Get the Leads You Need with These Proven Tips

A Marketing Strategy Guide for MSPs and Cloud Providers

TPM-HostingCon-ebook-cover.pngWant more leads and better results from your marketing investments? Get more leads with less effort by implementing a marketing strategy that will capture your target audience. Download our free eBook full of proven tips from our Marketing Strategy Bootcamp at HostingCon 2016 — including real attendee testimonials to vouch for the value!

  • Build a lead generating marketing strategy for your Cloud business
  • Discover how buyer personas can help turn prospects into customers
  • Get actionable tips on creating effective social and content marketing strategies
  • Make smarter decisions by learning which metrics matter when evaluating your marketing ROI

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What People Are Saying About It

TPM HostingCon 2016 eBook

"The Marketing Bootcamp was by far the best activity at HostingCon 2016. I liked that the TPM team talked about specific topics as they gave us tips for managing social networks and also precise information to improve the communication with our clients. Highly recommended."

Cristian Casamayor, General Manager